6 Language Learning Hacks Only the Pros Know

So, you want to learn a new language but don’t know how to go about it? The process of choosing a language course and learning a whole new language can overwhelm you. This can even be harder if you have never learned another language before. However, with passion, motivation, and dedication, it can be very easy for you to learn a new language. The pros of learning a new language have tricks and tips you can use to be a better learner. The following are learning hacks to get you started.

  1. Choose the Target Language and Stick with That

Avoid shifting from one language to another. Instead, choose one language you want to learn and stick to that. When deciding on the language, consider the reason you want to learn it and the people who speak the language. Also, consider how this language will improve your life and what you need to learn the language.

  1. Know Where you Want to Go

This is about the level of learning you want to reach. If you want to speak like a native or reach the advanced level, you must plan how you will get there and the resources you need. Learning foreign languages is important but you need to know how far you want to go. The reason for learning the language will help you to determine where you want to go.

  1. Accept Mistakes and Move On

The art of learning a new language successfully is all about learning from your mistakes. You need to accept you are not perfect and set a way for your improvement. Enjoy your failure and laugh a lot when you make mistakes. Then, make a point of improving by asking for help, and don’t be ashamed when corrected.

  1. Speak Less, Listen More

The best formula for learning a foreign language is speaking less and listening more. After a failure, try to evaluate where you went wrong. Write about it in your target language and read more. As mentioned earlier, take a point of listening more to others and listen when corrected.

  1. Memorize the Basics

If you want not to forget words quickly, try memorization. Although many people would argue that the best way to learn is to understand, be creative and practice, memorization also contributes to a great part of learning. If you want to improve memorization, try using the image association technique. It helps in easier memorization and helps in reshaping your brain.

  1. Use Free Resources

You have a plethora of options when it comes to learning resources. You can listen to songs, watch movies and videos made in your target audience. You can also listen to podcasts and read books from the library. You are spoiled with free learning options, especially when technology is involved.


These are learning hacks that successful language learners have used. If you want to improve your skills, pros recommend these tricks. Before everything else, choose one particular language and stick to that. Know the reason you want to learn and don’t be hard on yourself. Make mistakes and learn from them every time.

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