A Checklist for the Expat Parent

If you are planning on accepting that lucrative foreign posting you were offered and are going to take the family, there is much to consider. Usually a 3-year contract, a posting to Bangkok, for example, would be an attractive proposition with significant tax concessions and when you sign on the dotted line, here are a few things not to overlook as you prepare to emigrate for a few years with your family.

  • Medical Insurance – Your employer should cover this, with a comprehensive healthcare policy that covers any medical costs, indeed, many countries require you have adequate medical insurance when you apply for a working visa.
  • Education – One of the best international schools in Bangkok would be the obvious choice and your employer would put their hand in their pocket regarding all education costs. International schools are expensive, but you are getting the best education there is, and investing in your child’s education pays big dividends.
  • Cultural Research – If you are coming to Thailand for 2-3 years, it makes sense to learn something about the Thai culture and you should involve your child in this, as they too, will be living in Bangkok.
  • Visas – Your employer should handle this and whenever the visas need to be renewed, you may have to present yourself at immigration. If you have to do this yourself, then hire an agent, who takes care of everything.
  • Living Accomodation – Again, this would be down to your employer, who would either provide suitable accommodation or give you an allowance and you rent a property yourself. Ideally, you would be living in a gated housing community and the house would be 3-4 bedrooms and be fully furnished. If you are looking for rental properties in Bangkok, there are online groups where you will find luxury homes for long-term rent.
  • Packing – Most couples regret bringing so much and you should take the climate into account, plus if the new country has cheap clothing, then only bring the basics and you can kit yourself out after you settle in.

This is an exciting time for the whole family and with the best international school for your child, you can relax and look forward to the experience. Learning some basic phrases in the local language will stand you in good stead and your child will easily pick up a new language and be more culturally aware, which broadens horizons.

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