Importance Of Learning SQL For Aspiring Data Scientists

Databases use programming languages, and every data scientist needs to learn the necessary programming language to access the correct data. A simple IT course doesn’t cut it anymore, and data scientists should learn SQL in addition to the common languages such as C++ and Python today.

Structured Query Language or SQL is used to create, manage and collect information for databases. Databases contain large amounts of data, and every organization has its data stored in such databases. Gaining access to such knowledge requires SQL knowledge.

SQL was made in 1979 and has managed to stay relevant even today.

Why is SQL important today?

1) Ease of Learning:

SQL uses elementary English words and figures as part of its language. SQL is known as the foundation for every data scientist’s knowledge and is simple to use. Short syntaxes with basic words make up the bulk of SQL, and using SQL for accessing information is much easier than the more advanced languages.

Learning SQL provides the base for understanding basic programming and helps one eventually graduate into a Non-SQL based system.

2) Vast amount of data :

Excel Spreadsheets are handy for handling data but are not made to handle a large load. SQL databases are capable of handling a vast amount of data seamlessly and are designed to take the weight of such heavy data.

A firm usually possesses data far beyond the reaches of an excel spreadsheet, thus, to handle, manage and acquire data as and when required, SQL becomes a key component.

3) Database understanding:

Learning the structure of the MySQL database or the Microsoft SQL database helps you get familiar with the data you are dealing with and makes using it a lot simpler. Slice and sort your data to understand the format and find out if there are any missing values in your database.

4) Future as a Data Scientist:

SQL knowledge is in high demand for the role of data scientists today. Data Science is a growing field, and all companies require Data Scientists today because of the masses of information stored online. Having SQL knowledge helps to get set into the role and build a future in the particular field of Data Science and build a career in the same. Completing an AWS course is an extra benefit, but SQL is essential for every Data Scientist out there.

Data Science as a stream is gaining popularity and will be a popular career option in the future. As the world shifts towards digital-first approaches, gaining additional knowledge with certifications such as DevOps certification can be a significant step towards a career in this field. Since many databases use the Systematic Query Language (SQL), its application will remain widespread and relevant for a long time.

As the world progresses, we must develop our skills as well. We cannot expect our old and rusty skills to last a lifetime. As a result of the ever-changing technology, it is essential to keep working on ourselves.

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