Learning Korean: A Quick Overview For Beginners!

Most of us have heard at least a few Korean pop culture references. Estimated, over 80 million people in the world speak Korean, and if you always wanted to learn a second language after English, this could be a nice pick. If you are a parent to a young kid, introducing your child to another language like Korean can be hugely beneficial for his academic progress and problem-solving skills. Before you look for Korean class and courses near you, here are some facts worth knowing.

Korean is a unique language

There are disputes related to the origin of Korean, and many believe that it is related to Japanese. In fact, Korean is also related to Chinese in a big way. The alphabet in Korean, called Hangul, was actually crafted, and you will be rather surprised how easy it is to learn this language, even though Korean isn’t that of a popular choice as a second language. Also, Korean is generally different than that of English. A good example would be the sentence structure. Just like in Japanese, the object in a sentence in Korean precedes the verb.

Learning a second language is always beneficial

Kids who learn a second language often do better in English, and you will be very astonished to find that your child will learn Korean faster than expected. Understanding basic Hangul is not that tough. If you are an adult reading this, Korean could be a great language to learn for you too, consider how significantly Korean culture and heritage has influenced the world. Korean is widely spoken, and if you intend to work in South Korea at some point or find work with similar prospects, knowing the language only makes things easier.

Finding the right school

There are many good schools that offer Korean and other Asian language courses for kids and adults alike. You can expect to learn at your own pace, with the choice of private and group classes. To find the right school, check the course schedule, contents, and if the school has native Korean speakers and tutors. Don’t shy away from discussing how their courses are beneficial for your current expectations. As for Korean courses for kids, you have to ensure that the group size is not huge, and your child gets enough attention, even if they do not opt for private one-to-one classes.

Check online now for Korean language course options near you!

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