List of Highest Salary Jobs India

The whole world has witnessed the digital transformation across all the industries, all because of the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with advancements in technologies that have brought about a drastic change in the demand of skill sets across different business functions. This digital transformation has increased the demand for experienced and skilled talent with specific technical knowledge and skills to tackle new complex challenges faced by current businesses. Many people are aware of their lifestyle and living standards, and future securities, therefore striving for financial stability is becoming important to ensure a high-quality life and a secure future. So, people are seeking the highest salary jobs to find their niche according to their interests and market conditions.

Within the past two years, when the pandemic spread all over the world, the pattern and working style has changed completely. It leads to new opportunities for job roles that can be performed even working from home. So in India, the job market has undergone a radical change. The choices of becoming an Engineer, an architect, or a Doctor are still on the top list but there are many more options and opportunities that have come up and revolutionized the job market in India and the whole world. So the organizations require professionals with expertise in some of the emerging areas such as data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc.

Here this article will focus on some of the highest salary jobs in India that are now most in-demand for upcoming years.

Highest salary Jobs In India

Often candidates, professionals, freshers, and even students are confused as to how to choose their career in terms of money, reputation, standards that too with moral satisfaction. Here is the list of some of the highest-paying salary jobs in India that can help you choose your career path with confidence.

  • Data Scientist- When companies are going through digital transformation and churning out a huge volume of data, the demand for data scientists has increased as a report says, there has been a 29% YoY increase in the demand for data scientists. So this job role is considered the most sought-after job opportunity and many organizations are actively hiring them with other skills like programming, visualization, and machine learning. Data scientists can earn 36% more than professionals in the analytics industry. The basic annual salary for data scientists is quite attractive in India as they can earn between 5-7 lakh at entry-level, 12-15 lakhs per annum at mid-level, and further at high-level, they can earn 21-25 lakh per annum.
  • Machine Learning Professionals- In today’s evolving and competitive world, artificial intelligence and machine learning development are paying the big bucks to their professionals and are also considered as the most up-and-coming field in the digital world. Here entry-level professionals can earn up to 6 to 7 lakhs as average salary per annum and can reach 2 crores for experienced employees. Machine learning jobs are self-sufficient that are totally dependent on self-learning systems so the exclusivity of this domain ensures a safe place among the highest paying jobs in India.
  • Blockchain Development- Very less people know about the importance and value of blockchain. Therefore there is a large gap between the demand and the supply of skills in this field which makes it a very lucrative industry. Professionals who are experienced in this sector are involved in blockchain development and easily rank among the highest salary jobs in India. Once experienced, these professionals can earn around 45 lakhs per annum. But it requires the right skills along with sound knowledge of computer science and information technology.
  • Product Manager- Software product manager is one of the most in-demand career options today. Software product managers manage the development of software products. They are responsible for coordination between various teams that ensure the product is performing well and at its best. They create business plans to optimize the product’s development and to fix or eliminate related issues. The average salary for a software product manager is Rs. 17,66,274 per annum while the base salary is around Rs. 9 lakh per annum.
  • Cyber Security Experts- The requirement of security and protection of data is a compulsory step of every organization as digital assets have become a priority today. Therefore there is increased demand for cybersecurity professionals in the tech industry. They ensure individuals, governments, and businesses are equipped against all types of cybercrime and threats. At the entry-level job, they can earn up to 6 lakhs, at mid-level 10-12 lakhs, and 30 to 40 lakhs per annum at the senior level.
  • Chartered Accountancy- While everyone is busy choosing a career in several different money-making fields, money management remains a constant requirement across the board. Chartered accountants are the professionals who are giving financial advice for businesses and living, and are often ranked among the highest salary jobs in India as there is a huge gap between the demand and supply for the skilled professionals in this domain. They can start their journey with a starting salary of 7 to 8 lakhs per annum. Further, they can earn more (around 20 lakhs) with growing experience.
  • Digital Marketing Managers– We are living in a digital era where almost all tasks are performed digitally on a daily basis. So the role of digital marketing manager is another high-paying job in India that demands a broad range of responsibilities. To land a career in the digital marketing sector, there are several routes that can be taken in terms of education and experience. The primary job responsibilities in this domain involve working with maintaining and improving the brand image of the organization, implementing business strategies, aligning fresh creative ideas, and managing product development teams perfectly. These professionals can earn a starting salary of 4 to 7 lakhs per annum and beyond.


It must be noted that salaries in all industries and organizations are always subject to the employee’s training, experience, and education/practical knowledge. The more the experience, the greater the pay. The above mentioned are some of the examples of highest paying jobs in India today, but these are not the only ones available. Medical fraternity, Full-stack software developer, Investment Banker, Marketing manager are some a few more examples of attractive and highest paying jobs in the country. So it is clear that the highest paying jobs in India are basically, in Information technology, healthcare, business management, data industry, BFSI, and marketing. Choose your stream wisely and find your niche.

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