Ujjawal Madan Georgia Tech Shares Secret to 24-Point GRE Test Score Rise in 3.5 Months

Ujjawal Madan Georgia Tech was determined to increase his GRE test scores. However, his exam results did not happen how people might think.

Ujjawal Madan Georgia Tech tells the world how to raise Graduate Record Examination test scores. This student increased GRE scores by 24 points before entering the MS in Analytics Program in 2019.

How He Improved GRE Scores

Madan studied for the GRE for about three and a half months. While preparing, he did consult some online guides. According to him, they were “too general-ish” and that much of what he had learned was not covered in the guides. After trying them and not achieving the results he hoped, he turned to social media for help.

“I found both Medium and Reddit guides from students who had taken the tests enormously helpful during my own preparation, and so I felt I should share what I learned from my own experiences.”

After turning in the results he wanted, Madam decided to help others the way students had helped him. This Georgia Tech student decided to start what he called “Part 1 of 5” of guides for improving GRE scores.

What to Expect

In reference to helping other students improve their GRE test performance, Ujjawal Madan Georgia Tech compared it to diets that promise people they will lose “15 pounds in a month.” He explained that boosting test scores is not always a fast process but is not impossible.

Madan also said that some people could perhaps achieve a 10-point jump in just 20 days, for example. However, that may not be the outcome for everyone. In fact, improving scores in this amount of time usually only happened to people who already acquired prior knowledge. If a person has not prepared much before taking the GRE, they will likely not have as positive of results as those who do study beforehand.

The GRE Preparation Process

Ujjawal Madan Georgia Tech did set a target score, which could help some people as they study. However, he said it did not motivate him or help him improve his score. Instead, as Madan did point out, regular studying is what is most important. He also warned test-takers not to become too discouraged if they don’t achieve consistent mock exam scores immediately. It was the learning aspect that he said helped him reach target scores, not the goals he set. Upon telling other people how he did increase his scores, he gave examples of how to set aside time for test preparation. He suggested taking time out of every day to study and plan, such as two hours a day.

Other aspects of Improving GRE test scores are passed on to other students including learning from mistakes and persistence. He clarified that preparing as much as possible is more important than “obsessing” over a specific score. Regarding this, Madan implied that the hugest regret would be not preparing completely more so than the actual results.

Concerning education, Ujjawal Madan Georgia Tech took a different path than most before deciding to become a data science student. It was while he was in Julliard studying music where he realized a fascination with analytics. After that, he started participating in various projects to prepare himself for graduate school and for future work as a data science specialist.

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