Why more people are choosing to learn a new language

The necessity for learning a new language

Learning a new language other than your mother tongue is always beneficial in some way. The process of globalisation after the 1990s have made the world more integrated. People nowadays are not confined to one place. They go to different countries to study or for better prospects of jobs or business. In such cases learning the foreign language of the country where they are going becomes necessary.

Here are a few reasons for choosing a new language to learn.

Necessary for education

  • Education in foreign countries– As mentioned above, people nowadays get better opportunities to go abroad and study. If a person from India goes to Germany or France for higher education, learning German or French becomes necessary. Without knowing the language of those countries, an individual may find it difficult to survive. Moreover, while applying for scholarships in these countries, knowledge of their language becomes compulsory.
  • Research work- Many research scholars are related to historical studies or keeping archives, anthropology and other similar research work. They learn different languages to get a proper understanding of the people and their history and culture.

For better job opportunities

  • Business-related– Today, businesses are expanding, many Multinational Companies and trying to hire employees who know at least one foreign language. Knowledge of a foreign language makes an individual’s resumes also very impressive. It helps in getting better job opportunities.
  • Work as interpreter and translator- Apart from business-related works, an individual who knows different foreign languages can work as translators or interpreters, become foreign language teachers and impart their knowledge to others. Thus, in other words, job opportunities do not remain limited.
  • Government job opportunities– For different kinds of work related to diplomacy, Governments are recruiting people who know multiple languages. If any conflict arises between two countries, the people with the knowledge of languages help their respective governments to communicate and solve their problems. These jobs are also highly paid.

Helps during travelling

Apart from jobs, knowing a foreign language can also help you to travel to different places. For example, if a person knows Japanese and French, he/she will not have much problem when they travel to these countries. They can easily talk with the local people. It also shows your effort and acts as a way of showing respect to the people living there. Also, people cannot fool you easily. Thus while travelling to a new country, learning their language can help a lot.

Enhancing one’s knowledge

Learning foreign languages helps people to socialise more with people from different countries. It helps them to know more about others’ culture and history. Thus learning foreign languages, in turn, helps to increase an individual’s knowledge.

Makes you sharp

According to researches, people with knowledge of more than one language have better reasoning skills. They solve problems in a better way than others, more creative than others. It also helps to increase concentration. Learning new languages also keeps the brain active. All this can result in a delay of critical diseases related to the brain like dementia.

Learning a new language out of interest

Many people find it very interesting to learn foreign languages. Hence this is also another reason for people to learn a new language.

To increase confidence

Learning new languages makes a person much more confident than others who don’t. It helps an individual confidently connect with people from other nationalities.

English not spoken everywhere

It is wrong to think that people all around the world speak English. There are many countries around the world where people have a minimum knowledge of English. Therefore it is better to learn other languages.

To sum up

Therefore nowadays, learning different languages have become crucial. These are certain benefits that one gets from learning new languages. This article might encourage you to learn new languages as well.

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