Will Online Tuition Continue To Thrive Post Covid Pandemic?

Education is a vital foundation step to shaping any society into a progressive one. Every citizen of a country has a right to get educated. But, at the beginning of 2020, every business sector was affected by Covid, including educational institutes. Everyone was shocked and thrilled because it was a new thing for them. People had no clue which enemy they were dealing with. But slowly and gradually, things started coming back on track. Every sector is headed toward the online platform, including education. Thanks to many online platforms that helped many students to continue their education without fail, JC Economics Tuition based in Singapore is one of them.

Many parents felt relief because their children didn’t survive education because of the closure of educational institutions. The online classes were a breather. Will online tuition continue or not? In this very post, we will discuss the lighter and darker sides and leave the ball in your court to decide whether you want your children to continue with online or offline classes.

Some Upper-Hand Of Online Classes

Online classes such as JC Economics Tuition based in Singapore are getting popular due to their teaching methods. Online classes are a lifesaver for many, and why? This has been discussed below:

●        Flexibility

There is no time restriction when choosing online classes as your learning medium. Many institutes, such as JC Economics Tuition based in Singapore, offer flexible time. Most are open for short or long lectures as per the capabilities of candidates. Be your boss and learn your particular subject with ease.

●        Learn From The Experts

Do you know when you select online classes as your learning methodology, you gain quick knowledge and an opportunity to learn from the experts? All study patterns are taught in a well-structured manner and without any hassle. The knowledge and experience experts share with pupils are outstanding.


●        Shape Your Child’s Future

You can educate your children in different subjects through online classes without sending them to various tuition centers. At home, they can grasp the knowledge of other issues and later practice their study material on the same day. JC Economics Tuition based in Singapore is specialized in teaching economics where your children can learn the subject uniquely.

Here Are Some Darken Sides Of Online Classes

Now so far, we have read some lighter sides of online classes. Now, it is time to see the other side of the coin:

●        Children Going Out of Control

Many parents believe that since they allowed their children to attend online classes, they have felt that their children are going out of control. Students are getting out of control and have started forgetting the significance of physical types. Most students act similarly to a robot and are not using their senses to solve the issues.


Parents can counsel their children and brief them on the significance of both online and offline classes.

●        Bad Impact On Their Eyesight

Another issue that has been raised by many parents is that due to online classes, their children are suffering from eyesight issues. If they continue online courses, they might have severe eye issues (treatable or non-treatable). The sort of fear has made a place in the minds of parents that are not allowing their children to continue with online classes.


Again, parents need to understand that keeping their children away from devices is not a solution, mainly when it is meant for online classes. They can allow them to use such devices during their online courses. Later, they can encourage them to participate in other activities to sharpen their brain.4-inner-image

●        Less Understanding

Most parents believe that if they encourage their children to sit for online classes, they will not be able to understand the subject thoroughly. Further, they think that their education time was the most appropriate because they used to gather in a room with a capacity of 30-40 students in a classroom and a teacher with chalk and duster dictating something on the blackboard.


Parents need to analyze how things turn over time. They used to study in a single classroom, but this is the age of digitalization. Here classes such as JC Economics Tuition based in Singapore encourage students to learn every aspect of their subject carefree. A good source of information can be gathered from the online platform while your class is going on. On the opposite side, offline courses are meant to stick with a single book (of a particular subject) from where they can enhance their knowledge.

Now Let’s Wind Up The Topic

Here we have laid down both sides of online classes. Now, as a large audience, you have the leverage to decide which aspect you like the most and where you want your children headed. You can always ensure that JC Economics Tuition based in Singapore, is the ideal online platform where gems are prepared.

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